26 September 2007

A poor little lamb...

Who has lost his mind...

Stephen Harper's Conservatives must make major changes to the upcoming throne speech or the opposition Liberals will vote against it, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion warned Wednesday.

"This hidden agenda will be stopped," Dion said after a meeting with Quebec caucus members in Montreal.
Stopped??? You mean like Steffi's political career?
A CROP poll commissioned by La Presse indicated the Liberals only earned 19 per cent of Quebec voters' intentions — the lowest percentage since Dion became leader. The poll surveyed 1,001 Quebecers between Sept. 13 and 23 and has a three per cent margin of error.

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CTV isn't really a wing of the Liberal Party... just yet.
"We just heard the Liberal leader throwing it back at the prime minister. And it seems to me, if the Prime Minister doesn't want an election he has sent him a message that will allow Harper not to have one."

"In other words those were not intolerable conditions laid out by Mr. Dion," Oliver told CTV Newsnet.
Gee Craig... you really think so?

You really think Stephen Harper is looking to a ratty old pinko mouthpiece for help here? Maybe you could just stick to "reporting" the news.

Oh wait... it's CTV.

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Shades said...

Maybe we should re-cap a few points of interest for our liberal friends who are eager for an election.
The liberals have No airplane.
The liberals have No money.
The liberals have No leader.
The liberals have No policies.
The liberals have No platform.
The liberals have No friends.
On top of all this the Bloc has come out first with the throne speech conditions putting the onus on the libs to either put up or shut up.
Any move the libs make that is less than brilliant or unorthodox may place Layton as our next leader of the official opposition.

The Right is Where its At said...

Come to my blog you will love the vid i have just
for the Libs let me know what you think of it ?

Ben in Ottawa said...

Standard Steffi: a month ago he said he would vote against the Throne Speech, two weeks ago he said he would read it before he voted against it, last week he said he would vote against it if Harper did not meet his "demands". His tune will probably change again by Friday.

The poor man's like a greased pig, for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

'CTV isn't really a wing of the Liberal Party' - it really is hard to tell, especially when The Party hires people from CTV.