07 September 2007

Do we want OUR WHAT back?

Just another reason I'm voting Conservative in the next federal election.

-- OTTAWA -- The Conservative government has become the first in a decade to deny Canadian citizens imprisoned in the United States the chance to serve out their sentences in Canada.
Yup... it's just another part of Stephen Harper's scary agenda... for criminals.
The new stand appears to reflect the views of Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, who is responsible for transfers.

Since 2006, Mr. Day has denied transfers to at least two Canadians on security grounds, including Arend Getkate, a 24-year-old Ontario man serving a 30-year sentence in Georgia for child molestation.

Both U.S. and Canadian corrections officials had approved his request, but Mr. Day overrode it.
He was similarly unsympathetic towards the guys dealing dope to our kids... go figure.
In a column published last November in the Penticton Western News, a newspaper in his British Columbia riding, Mr. Day wrote of his disgust with prison transfers for convicted drug dealers.

"B.C. dope dealers busted in the U.S. are demanding to be transferred back to cozier Canadian jails and reduced prison times," he wrote.

"Memo to drug dealer: I'm no dope ... Enjoy the U.S."

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"It's true, Stephen Harper should scare you stupid... if you're a violent, unrepentant thug".

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dmorris said...

Good for you, Stock! If you're dumb enough to take the risk, don't expect Canadian taxpayers to come to your rescue.

Yes, if the person is convicted of a minor infraction, like drinking beer in an Islamic Country, by all means bring them home, but if it's the U.S., or a serious crime elsewhere, "do the crime, do the time".

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Reality check. It's about time!

djxtreme said...

I think that each case has to be decided on it's own merits. A 7 year old stealing some bubble gum may not deserve the sentence he would get in, say, the middle east. But a pedophile or murderer in the "civilized" world should face the music where ever he has been charged.