24 September 2007

Pinko Howie...

Been smokin' Maui Wowie.

-- WATERLOO, WALKERTON and OAKVILLE, Ont. -- The New Democrats will insist the ruling party take on its six key election pledges if the Liberals or the Conservatives want the party's help to form a minority government in Ontario.

NDP Leader Howard Hampton said Monday that the party's platform would need to be completely implemented in return for his support after the Oct. 10 vote.
Uh, Howie... I know you like to shoot from the hip, but apart from the Prime Minister, I honestly can't think of anyone less likely to surrender to political blackmail than John Tory.

Are you really saying your master plan is that he'll kiss your ass and turn the Conservative Party into a wing of the NDP?

You might just wanna dust off "Plan B".

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Greg said...

Forget about the laundry list. The only important message in that whole thing was that there is going to be a minority government. That is meant to preempt Dalton from using the old "Vote for us or you will be sorry" tactic on NDP voters.

GDW said...

I think Hampton means he's perfectly happy to continue to be the guy in the corner with eight seats who everybody ignores. Still, if people remember what happened the last time we had an NDP-Liberal coalition, some votes might go the Conservatives to prevent it.