06 December 2008

Pimping Culture?

That's a new one on me... I mean... I've heard of "deaf culture" and "gay culture"... but who would want to have this on their C.V.?

Two more men with alleged ties to a Nova Scotia gang notorious for its "PIMPING CULTURE" have been charged with human trafficking west of Toronto.

Guns and gangs cops in Burlington identified a waterfront townhouse about a year ago as having ties to North Preston's Finest, a Nova Scotia street gang that has been linked to two of Peel Region's human trafficking cases since expanding west.
Who says Canadians have lost that ol' entrepreneurial spirit? These guys are apparently a going, growing concern.
The Lakeshore Rd. townhouse, just east of Skyway Arena, was raided this week after a 17-year-old girl told police she had been held there between her forced shifts as an exotic dancer in Mississauga.

Stefano Jemile Dixon, 19, originally from Nova Scotia, and Jordan Isaiah Cromwell, 21, of Burlington, were each charged with human trafficking, material benefit from human trafficking, withholding documents for human trafficking, forcible confinement and possession of marijuana.

Dixon was charged also with assault and sexual exploitation.
Good grief.


RELATED: Speaking of Nova Scotia...
-- HALIFAX -- Police are trying to control what they say is a bloody rivalry in Halifax between drug gangs that has seen shots ring out in front of a children's hospital and another hospital's emergency department forced into lockdown twice in two weeks.

“We have seen violence in the drug trade before,” said Const. Jeff Carr. “The difference this time is that they've brought their dispute into very public places, which is alarming.”


robins111 said...

We should revisit the death penalty

Kathy Shaidle said...

Those frickin' Amish, I tells ya!

Neo Conservative said...

well, toronto has it's film festival... brighton, ontario has a public celebration of their apple orchards... and north preston has, well... nudge, nudge, wink, wink... i guess.

you're thinking family vacation... you might just wanna stick to disney world.


Rose said...

LOL Neo, how did you know where they might be from? They could be from Cherry Brook.

Neo Conservative said...

if these guys are "north preston's finest"... i'd sure hate to run into their worst.


Philanthropist said...

Cultural relativism is the required excuse in this case, our betters in the 'progressive' media must call it a 'culture' so that the excuse is appropriate.

It's not the fault of these poor darlings that they sexually abused young girls, it's their 'culture', they can't help it. 'Progressive' media types categorize non-'whites' like animals running on instinct, and 'whites' who don't think like them as enemy. It's a very simple viewpoint.

Neo Conservative said...

"Philanthropist says... Cultural relativism is the required excuse in this case"

once again... the soft bigotry of low expectations rears its ugly head.