12 July 2018

Here we "blow" again?

You don't saturate public landmarks with armed police officers because of some droopy-drawered homeboy...TORONTO TERROR

Toronto police are sending more officers out to patrol the CN Tower and surrounding downtown area Thursday after receiving unconfirmed information that there's a "potential risk to public safety."

UPDATE: Not a mad bomber after all...
An alert issued across the service stated “credible information” was received Wednesday about “a potential vehicle ramming attack in the area of the CN Tower” on Thursday.

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Come for the exotic cuisine... stay for the sucking chest wound...
Speaking with CP24 on Thursday afternoon, Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack did welcome the news that additional officers will be patrolling the city but said that it is a temporary, imperfect solution.

“There is an overtime component to this so it is not like we are getting 200 fresh officers and putting them out there in the street."
Feeling safer yet?