23 July 2018

Danforth Shooter has been ID'd

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Curiously, CBC has broken with their usual ironclad policy of never indicating race or ethnicity of shooters...

"He described the suspect as a white male, who was dressed in all black. Police have yet to provide a suspect description."
The Special Investigations Unit said Monday afternoon that after speaking with a family member, it was able to identify the suspect as Faisal Hussain, a 29-year-old man from Toronto.
I'm with Ezra... you can almost smell the "professional" journalism...insert alt text hereCuriouser and curiouser...insert alt text here**********

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“High school in the books … Next stop, Nursing at McMaster!” Doug Fallon wrote over a picture of his daughter. “Congrats Reese … So proud!”
Oh yeah, he also slaughtered a 10 year old girl.


LAST WORD: CBC seems to think that...

...the murderous shooting spree was the work of an impostor...
"Aamir Sukhera said Hussain was polite, humble and reserved and that he wasn't violent."
Well, Aamir... there is a bloody trail of dead and broken bodies that say you're full of shit.