28 April 2018

The new ground zero for social justice

Strangely enough, the BBC doesn't seem at all concerned about sequestering women in special rooms at the local mosque... or drowning them...shafia murders

"Japan's sumo wrestling authority has postponed a decision on the sport's "men-only" policy. The Japan Sumo Association met after a recent string of scandals, including when women were made to leave the ring after stepping in to help a man."
So, sumo wrestling... where, to the best of my knowledge, absolutely no female genitals have ever been mutilated... that's where our social and intellectual betters draw the line... not at, say...insert alt text here
"Female Ontario premier forced to sit in back corner when visiting mosque, while men prayed."
I guess some "cultural traditions" are more equal than others.


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"Okay... I get it. Gay lawyer/activist pretends he can pull a mosque out of his arse and none of the faithful will object."

It's important to note, the reason El-Farouk is not giving out the location of this "mosque" is to prevent co-religionists like Orlando shooter Omar Mateen from showing up and committing serial mayhem.


General P. Malaise said...

hey, they didn't stone her or throw her off the roof.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm gonna call that a step
in the right direction.