23 April 2018


Ever wonder where all those tax dollars disappear to...

"At ITS dangerous offender hearing, Laboucan/Desousa also admitted to having killed a three-year-old child at age 11, although he was never criminally charged."
Wonder who's paying for that squeaky new vagina and bustin' out breasts?


Remember Campbellford Mayor Hector MacMillian?wynningOntario Liberals will pay for IVF or a new vagina... but not to remove a cancerous tumour.

Don't look at me... I didn't vote for them.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........wow, wtf, everyone is nuts. a quote from the article "a qualified health professional in the are of gender dysphoria". That would be a shrink and any shrink worth the paper his degree is written on would say that person is mentally ill.

Neo Conservative said...

this freak killed a toddler and they let it slide... anything that occurred from that point on is on "the professionals."