25 September 2017

Toronto Star does the unthinkable...

...calls out former DeGrassi child actor for repeatedly ignoring police requests...
Some cited the lyrics in his song 'No Tellin' as a possible explanation. “Yeah, police comin’ round lookin’ for some help on a case they gotta solve, we never help ’em.”

Soares, who was 33, had a rap sheet with three gun possession convictions.
Who, exactly, are Drake's gangbanger pals?
This year, a senior Toronto police officer, now retired, questioned why Drake had invited a young rapper who is facing firearms, assault and kidnapping charges along as his opening act on the European leg of his Boy Meets World tour.
Street-cred by proxy? Seems a little cowardly to me.

Kudos to Torstar (something I never imagined saying) for violating one of Toronto's unwritten taboos.


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...gotta rub up against some actual thugz to get that gangsta credibility...
His new persona as the cocksure prince of hip-hop ("Last name ever, first name greatest," he brags on "Forever") seemed to clash with his middle-class Jewish upbringing and former career as a teenage soap star.

He was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, an affluent and predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. He attended Jewish day school, had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and observed the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother.
Yessirree, he came up hard.... the mean streets of Forest Hill.