13 September 2017

Sunny Ways indeed

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OTTAWA — Representatives from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Saskatoon Police Service say there is zero chance they will be ready to enforce new laws for legalized pot by next summer.

If the government doesn’t postpone the start date and allow police time to prepare and train their officers, there will be a window of six months to a year to allow organized crime to flourish.

They also say they want the government to reconsider allowing people to grow pot at home, because it will be difficult to police and could make it easier for young people to obtain marijuana.

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Two Durham Regional Police constables are facing charges in connection with drug sales allegedly taking place in an Ajax restaurant after allegations that cocaine and marijuana were being sold inside.

On Tuesday, police constables identified as Husen Aswat, 32, and Amandeep Thakur, 30, were arrested and charged, along with three other men.

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TORONTO - Ontario’s opposition parties say the Liberal government rushed the release of the province’s marijuana plan in an attempt to distract from a pair of high-profile trials involving party workers.
Say it isn't so.


LAST WORD: Let's ask a doctor
The Canadian Medical Association repeated its concerns about health risks associated with cannabis, particularly in its smoked form. It urged the government to set the legal age at 21.


dmorris said...

The Chiefs of Police are a political animal organization that loves nothing better than to trample on the rights of Canadians,and disobey the laws of the land as long as they can get away with it.

On this issue,I don't understand their bleating,are they claiming their Officers don't know how to NOT bust some kid for possession of pot,or that it will take years of training to prepare said noble justice warriors for the new legislation? Perhaps an infusion of MONEY to the police departments would help. These guys must use the same business manual as the First Nations.

Maybe this is just their way of lobbying for more cops,more money,bigger pensions, more equipment, ( now that pot is legal in Ontario,I see no reason the cops shouldn't have an artillery corps and perhaps a tank corps, maybe an air force?)

A good rule of thumb,if the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police or any other organization of Chiefs of Police is FOR something, it will be very bad for the average person.