27 August 2016

So, Kathleen Wynne would pay for...

...IVF or a new vagina... but not to remove a cancerous tumour...wynning
The long-time mayor of Trent Hills says he has been “essentially murdered by a corrupt, rigged political system” and wants the OPP “to investigate the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.”
Premier Kathleen Wynne recently dumped 70 million more taxpayer dollars yearly into fertility treatments that will primarily benefit the "socially infertile" (aka lesbian) community.

Apparently, there's no money left over for cancer patients like Hector MacMillan.

Since taking office in 2003, the Liberals have doubled Ontario's debt load...
For that reason, we don’t believe this government can credibly look these patients in the eyes and say its decisions were made only after it ensured that every single dollar of our tax money entrusted to it for health care was spent wisely.
Just something to ponder the next time you spend six hours sitting in a hospital Emergency Room.