29 July 2016

And I'm guessing she spits fire...

...every time someone mentions "affirmative action"...not a token hire**********

RELATED: In other law enforcement newsfarmers, duck hunters, target shootersMeanwhile, back at the ranch, CBC fans the flames of racial injustice and gets plenty of eyeballs for their website...
"Many members of the Ottawa Muslim and Somali communities have serious concerns about how this tragic incident unfolded, including whether prejudice had something to do with Mr. Abdi's treatment.
Dear Muslim community... perhaps someday, Allah willing, all those shameless French Canadian women will be wearing hijab, but until that blessed day arrives you don't get to grab woman's breasts whenever the urge arises.

Is this really the guy Ottawa Muslims want to go to bat for? They're certainly getting plenty of encouragement from the media. Witness CBC's glaring headline... "All of us are hurting."

Does that include the mob currently stalking Ottawa cops?
In one specific encounter following Abdi's death, some 20 to 30 people showed up to film and taunt Ottawa police officers who were responding to a report of a collision, said Ottawa's police chief Charles Bordeleau.
I'm just spit-ballin' here... but, this is not Mogadishu and you don't get to play by "Desert Arab rules."

This nonsense has to stop. As long as people are willing to play into these absurdist fantasies, the "communities" will continue to shamelessly act out their part.

Yeah... I'm lookin' at you, Mr Mayor...
"Watson said he was “inspired” by the strength and resilience shown by the Somali community."
Sweet baby jebus, wake up and smell the complicity.