18 June 2016

CTV still baffled by mass murder...

...at gay Orlando nightclub...

"A motive has yet to be established in the Florida attack by Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old son of Afghan immigrants."
Yes, Virginia... this is truly a mystery. No wonder people are abandoning mainstream media and turning to the internet for all their news needs.

In addition, instead of actually tripping over an answer that might involve some mysterious, unspecified religious practices (such as tossing gay men to their deaths off high buildings) CTV have decided to do a feelgood story on a secretly located "Unity" Mosque in Toronto.

This mosque was established, not by the usual confluence of devout neighbourhood supplicants, but by gay activist lawyer El-Farouk Khaki, who has dedicated this new place of worship to servicing the GTA's vast Muslim homosexual & transgendered community.

It's important to note, the reason El-Farouk is not giving out the location of this "mosque" is to prevent co-religionists like Orlando shooter Omar Mateen from showing up and committing serial mayhem.

Of course, once you get past that whole "death to homosexuals" thing in the Koran, there are strict and detailed requirements for establishing a mosque. I do hope Mr Farouk has followed all of the rules this 67 page pdf file I found at a Muslim website governing such things.


UPDATE: The "Raising Awareness" Chronicles
What started as a mural to mask graffiti on a Toronto garage has evolved into a touching tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting. Victoria Barrington went to an online swapping group to find an artist who would turn her garage into a vibrant art piece in her west-end neighbourhood.

"I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind as I was painting," the 27-year-old said. "We're all queer artists. It just felt that much more meaningful."
No wonder the new caliphate thinks we're ripe for the picking. This makes me think of a local concrete & asphalt company who painted a cement mixer pink to raise awareness of breast cancer.

All this "virtue signalling" has apparently taken the place of actually accomplishing anything... but don't you tell that to the CBC.


Anonymous said...

old white guys says............the stupidity is becoming unbearable. just an aside,something needs to be done about the verification system.

Bill Elder said...

"CTV still baffled by mass murder at gay Orlando nightclub..."

CTV is baffled by reality - it keeps getting it mixed up with the pathetic dramas it broadcasts.

It has become apparent through the last election cycle and now in the post-Harper rainbow-unicorn land (tm) that our MSM are reporting events on another lanet which we do not live on.

Turn it off and listen to your own common sense.

Neo Conservative said...

you'll notice that neither ctv nor cbc chose to get a comment on this faux mosque from an imam. that's because an actual muslim cleric would be frothing at the mouth at the idea of men & women worshipping in the same room... never mind, allah forfend, a gathering of actual homosexuals.

it's comparable to me, without consulting the pope, setting up a catholic church in my garage for the purpose of consecrating female bishops and performing abortions. the only reason this is in the "news" is that it is akin to a dog riding a bicycle... something that could never happen under normal circumstances.

if the media keeps pumping out this propaganda about el-farouk khaki's impromptu "mosque", they will be putting his life in danger... that's why the location of this place is top secret.

i do hope mr khaki has hired a very large, very competent bodyguard. i suspect there is already a fatwa on his head.


Bill (eace be upon him) Elder said...

Neo - IF, Allah forbid, Mr. Khaki should succumb to a fatal reactionary "misunderstanding" by his "co-religionists" as a result of his recent Proggy Media notoriety, - Do suppose we will have the terrible news broken to us on either CTV or Mothercorpse?

Perhaps only If they use a firearm to settle the fatwa, in which case it will not be a mater of the intolerance of his co-religionists but the evil white male Christian gun culture??? Hmmm Ya think?

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... only If they use a firearm to settle the fatwa"

as we all know, pencils write poetry, cars mow down pedestrians and guns kill people.

hey, that narrative is working fine in orlando, just as it worked in san bernadino.

not a mention of the "religion of peace" on any mainstream canadian media outlets.