12 June 2016

Burning people to death...

...in iron cages, throwing homosexuals to their death off tall buildings, lopping bits off womens genitals...shitSounds like more than a playground scuffle to me.


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A mosque in Toronto is creating a name for itself for welcoming the LGBT community, as well as to people of all faiths. Founder El-Farouk Khaki said it was important for him and his co-founders to create the Unity Mosque...
Bravo to Imam Khaki for being so... oh, wait a minute...
Khaki is also an immigration lawyer and the founder of Salaam, a support group for LGBT Muslims.
Okay... I get it. Gay lawyer/activist pretends he can pull a mosque out of his arse and none of the faithful will object.

Didn't fellow traveller Irshad Manji, before she fled Toronto, equip her home with blastproof windows? I'm just sayin'.

My advice... get some kevlar pyjamas, buddy... the people you're messing with play for keeps.



Thanks for the inspiring story above... as always, your timing is impeccable...
"A suspected Islamic extremist wielding an assault rifle and a handgun has killed about 20 people after taking party-goers hostage inside a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina said authorities have not determined the exact number of people killed, but that ‘approximately 20’ have died. Another 42 people were taken to hospital."
Once again, the capricious and unknowable "Will of Allah."


UPDATE2: Stand by for screams of Islamophobia...

...in three... two...
There are 50 dead and 50 more injured in the Orlando nightclub shooting, and Florida is under a state of emergency after Sunday morning's terrorism attack.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............idiots and morons support islam. the latest is the Taliban have skinned a man completely peeled all his skin from his body. what a marvelous religion. isis, taliban, boko haram, the list goes on and they all follow islam.

Anonymous said...

I think the worst thing we can wish for Islam is that they succumb to politically correct culchur

- withing 2 generations we'll have them as fucked up as any campus commie - the GLBT thing seems to come natural to them, bestiality, pedophilia and catamites seem to be a tradition in Islamic nations - it's a short step to formalizing perversion under the politically correct banner.

Neo Conservative said...

there are countries in the muslim middle east and animist africa that are barely out of the stone age... witness the slaughter of albino children so as to use body parts for black magic... so a brutal medieval theocracy over there may even be a step up that evolutionary ladder.

what we're talking about here, though... is an educated, westernised homosexual from an islamic background who thinks he can set up a "gay mosque" and not suffer any consequences from the larger muslim community.

both irshad manji and salman rushdi found out how tolerant their fellow westernised muslims were. after various & sundry imams declared fatwas (specifically kill orders) on them, they both had to hire bodyguards and go into hiding.

this story is really a red herring. it's as if i, after leaving the catholic church decades ago, declared that i was setting up a catholic church dedicated to, say... firearms... and welcoming in all gun enthusiasts. i'm fairly certain the pope, all his priests and all practising catholics would likely see that as sacrilege.

mainstream muslims will not take kindly to this man's hobby mosque. he will be seen as apostate and the penalty for leaving islam is, in fact, death.

i admire his courage... but he had better be looking over his shoulder. i suspect there will be a hefty police presence at all his, er... services to prevent the known wolf attacks that are becoming more common nowadays.