01 December 2015

Remember back when you were a kid...

...you saw a stranger in your neighbourhood, you'd go grab some deadly weapons?

Yeah... me neither.

"When Akalirai reported that someone was circling the neighbourhood, Witness X decided to arm himself with the samurai sword and a machete."
Oh, I get it... it's a multicultural thing.


Bill Elder said...

Oh Neo, you're just an old grumpy pants, I'm sure these boys were just expressing their love of Canadian values in their own culturally distinct way.

They should be up for the order of Canada instead of being legally molested by an obviously racist legal system - but that will change in time as all goo progressives keep fighting the good fight.

Neo Conservative said...

this guy sliced off the top of someone's head like a hardboiled egg.

that's some cultural tradition.


Wayne said...

I can't tell by looking at them; are they Baptists or Pentacosts?

Anonymous said...

old white guy says........we don't see too many smiths or joneses in these types of altercations. I wonder why? are they not multicultural enough?

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile, back in toronto, one murder and one attempt murder in the northwest area of the city.

for those of you without a liberal decoder ring... northwest = jane & finch... that infamous anglo-canadian enclave.

but wait, i'm not allowed to say that.