01 December 2015

I'm afraid the Prosecution lost me at...

..."his penis in one hand and a switchblade in the other"...
What surrealistic porn/slasher flick was playing in this guy's doped up frontal cortex when he decided to square off with a half dozen armed police officers?

Watch the video and tell me what you would have done.


UPDATE: Prosecutor's theory falls apart

Prosecutor Milan Rupic has been using the fact that Officer Forcillo's partner reholstered her firearm to suggest that she didn't see Sammy Yatim as a threat.

There's just one small problem with that argument...
"I thought that based on Mr. Yatim's behaviour and actions that he was going to get himself shot," Constable Iris Fleckeisen said. "He was hostile, angry, belligerent, and he was very defiantly and prominently displaying a knife in his right hand."

Fleckeisen provided her own interpretation of that moment, saying Yatim made a "very deliberate, intentional motion forward" in the moments before he was shot. "Mr. Yatim looked like he was coming off the streetcar," she said, adding that Forcillo's shots were consequently not unexpected.
Fleckeisen says she actually reholstered to call for a taser. She also says...
"That night was and remains the most terrifying moments of my life."
Prosecutor Rupic forgot Trial Lawyer Rule #1... never ask a question you don't already know the answer to.

This trial is over.


Brenton Siddons said...

shot the bastard....

Neo Conservative said...

the video tells the story. yatim rises from a drug addled stupor, holding on to his penis and tries to slash a woman's throat with his switchblade. he then shambles down the aisle, dick in one hand, knife in the other, menacing passengers while shouting about "niggers" and "pussies".

if officer forcillo hadn't stopped the threat, whose son or daughter would sammy yatim have killed the next time?

you call the tune, you pay the piper.


Bill Elder said...

Amped up knife brandishing hoodie with a shit attitude meets caffeinated paranoid cop with a Glock 22 - result hoodie goes down perforated and 1440 grains heavier - doncha just love happy endings

Neo Conservative said...

sammy yatim was simply a clumsier vince li (greyhound bus beheader)... if sammy had managed to slice that girl's throat, officer forcillo would have got a medal, not a trial.


botcho said...

Love your website man- but I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree on this issue.
Excessive cop force is an ongoing problem...especially in TO.

Neo Conservative said...

botcho... read slower...

"Watch the video and tell me what you would have done."

there are all sorts of recent incidents where toronto cops have been besieged. they've been cowed into not responding forcefully.

sammy "the schlongmeister" yatim isn't the hill you wanna die on.


botcho said...

Regrettably, I've seen the video many times. I disagree Neo - Cops are "besieged"?? I missed that memo. I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing it. Where exactly and when? I haven't witnessed nor read anywhere about anyone wishing a cop acted more "forcefully".

Who said anything about wanting to die on Sammy Yatim Mountain...I'm simply of the opinion that pumping nine shots into an obviously mentally ill citizen isn't exactly a shining example of police restraint given those circumstances and especially so when one considers the variety of tools and tactics they have at their disposal.

Never a good day when someone loses their life, Neo. I understand they have a rather tough go of it dealing with the dregs of society so that we don't have to...I get it. And It's a reasonable expectation on an officer's part to finish each shift safe and injury free.
Just as it's not unreasonable for us the public to expect a certain conduct from them for which we spend millions annually training them for.
Armchair quarterbacking? Yup...I most certainly am.
But I get to do that when I pay their wages.
Just saying.

Neo Conservative said...

botcho, once again... "Watch the video and tell me what you would have done."

you're not armchair quarterbacking... that would involve suggesting the "proper" way to do things. you're just throwing feces like a monkey at the zoo.

yatim tried to kill a woman with his knife. he had his dick in his hand while trying to slash her throat. he refused to stand down and advanced on the cops.

as for nine shots... you shoot until you KNOW the threat is stopped. that's the protocol & the training.

again... what exactly would you have done that night?


Neo Conservative said...


botcho says... "Cops are "besieged"?? I missed that memo. I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing it. Where exactly and when?"

well, botch... let's start here...

"Mike McCormack said it made him 'sick to stomach' to watch footage of a mob of teens moving toward and hurling projectiles at small group of surrounded police officers in Dundas Square Saturday night. On the same night as the city was celebrating Nuit Blanche, hundreds of young people, many looking stoned or drunk, shouted down the police and forced them to take cover in a parking garage. It was an ugly scene."

there was an officer attacked at jane & wilson a couple days ago.

there's more, but i'm guessing you don't really want to hear it.

i saw this myself back in the 80's when i was one of the 'minority' white folk living in the apartments at the corner of jane & finch. the cops rolled up at 2am on an out of control party at the rec centre in the middle of the highrise complex... and were greeted with a hail of bottles off the two buildings balconies.

you should have heard the ugly shit they were screaming.

seems my west indian neighbours didn't much like cops. you think things have improved in the last 30 years?


botcho said...

I've only this to say - As a conservative...I'm a little more than concerned by the overt "militarization" of our police force in recent years. If you don't think it's been happening...then you haven't been paying attention.
Makes an ordinary guy like me wonder... in whose best interest is that serving?

I understand everyone has an anecdote or two they can share with others of cops being "besieged". Yup. I have a few myself. I can also cite a few stories that will show the very opposite if not more.

Further - you think those same teens on Dundas st. would be as brave as they were if they knew a substantial jail sentence was in their future? Very doubtful.

Which brings me to this point: Conservatives have made "tough on crime" their mantra for the last decade despite staunch Liberal opposition each and every time... not to mention help from the Liberal courts as well with their outrageous lenient sentencing.
Cops, rightfully so, are always at the forefront of that discussion whenever it comes up.
With that in mind, I'm sure you'll forgive me when I say I'm a little more than befuddled as to why exactly the police union membership give so generously to the Liberal Party each time an election draws near as we've witnessed recently.
Strange no? I mean, that makes absolutely no sense!! So why is that?
Would you like me to answer that for you? I'll bet you can figure it out all on your own. Hint: Money.

So, they've selected who they want to side with politically and I suppose that's their right. And take my word for it I'm not looking at this from a "the friends of my enemies are my enemies" perspective.
But on the other hand...don't be so damned surprised when I and others ask for a little accountability from them when something goes horribly wrong as it has in the Sammy Yatim case.

Just talking out loud.

Neo Conservative said...

"botcho says... I've only this to say - As a conservative"

oh you've got plenty to say... but one thing contradicts the next...

"Cops are "besieged"?? I missed that memo. I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing it. Where exactly and when?" (botcho@1:39pm dec 3)


"I understand everyone has an anecdote or two they can share with others of cops being "besieged". Yup. I have a few myself."(botcho@3:44pm dec 3)

so, botcho... you see why i can't take you seriously.

instead of all this rope-a-dope, why not just answer the (third time asked) question...

"what would you have done differently that night?"

sure, there are dick cops... just like there are dicks everywhere. why would the police force be immune?

but, buddy... here's an experiment... next time you're being mugged, or worse, don't bother with 911... just try calling up stephane dion... and be sure to let me know how that worked out for you.

ps... you do realise what you get when you put "botcho" into a search engine, right?


botcho said...

"rope a dope"? Where? Anyone can give anecdotal evidence to suit their arguments...but as we all know - anecdotal evidence is just that - "anecdotal".

"sure, there are dick cops... just like there are dicks everywhere. why would the police force be immune?"
Precisely. So what's the problem of bringing "dick cops" to be held accountable? Don't they have to abide by Canadian laws?
I think you may have unintentionally made my point for me.

- The police force's politicization over the last few year both on a federal and provincial level should be a concern for everyone.
I'm sure your failure to address that particular point was simply an oversight on your part.

After years of visiting your site I'm getting the impression, not unlike me, you hold the right of Canadians to possesses firearms to be sacred. Good.
Well, here's an FYI for you Skippy...police don't share that view - nothing would make them happier than to have a totally unarmed citizenry. If you don't know that...you will over time and Liberals will be only too happy to acquiesce.

Again - When the RCMP has the power to make illegal any firearm they choose based on nothing more than a whim without recourse from ordinary citizens...I'd say that's a problem.
But keep cheerleading...you don't look the least foolish.

Ok - So you don't like me based on my opinions - that's ok.
I've been visiting this site since it's inception if memory serves -
And it's obvious you've chosen to insult and denigrate me rather than simply engaging in a mild discussion which frankly is what I was hoping for.
If your website only allows comments just for those who think like you...perhaps a disclaimer would be helpful.
Hell, even Kate MacMillan understands that not everyone shares the same opinion as her and is willing to entertain different ideas.

Anyways, I doubt you'll be rendered sleepless over the loss of a long time visitor...but you should also know that I won't as well.

And who knows? The next time a "High River gun grab" comes along...and given enough time, it will as sure as I'm sitting at this keyboard - I'll be around to remind you.
And speaking of which...doing a search of "High River Gun Grab Halls of Macadamia" came up empty. How odd...I'm sure you were vacationing or some such.

you do realise what you get when you put "botcho" into a search engine, right?

What are you like 12?


Neo Conservative said...

"botcho says... If your website only allows comments just for those who think like you."

but obviously it doesn't... look at your comments posted above. fwiw, i don't like or dislike you... but i reserve the right to disagree with you.

you think officer forcillo deserves a life sentence.. i think he deserves a medal. who knows what creepy druggie sammy yatim would've done with his penis or his switchblade if he hadn't been stopped?

you obviously won't answer my one question... so i'm thinking no big loss here. regardless, you may choose whether to participate in further discussion. you know where to find me.

ps... you're a little sensitive about your pseudonym... what exactly does it mean to you?


Neo Conservative said...

ps for botcho...

"botcho says... Well, here's an FYI for you Skippy...police don't share that view"

well, i know that's wrong. i know two local cops personally who are more pro legal firearms ownership than i am. i know that because they have said it to me on more than one occasion.

cops aren't all one person.