21 August 2014

Somebody refresh my memory...

...which medical school did Dr. Justin Trudeau attend?

Oh yeah... that'd be the Keith Richards School of Pharmacology.

They already opposed tobacco. Now the nation’s doctors say Canadians shouldn’t smoke “any plant material” whatsoever, including marijuana. Delegates at the Canadian Medical Association’s general council meeting voted Wednesday to formally oppose the smoking of any plant substance.

Outgoing CMA president Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti said smoking harms the lungs’ “natural cleaning and repair system and traps cancer-causing chemicals” in the airways.

He cited a 2008 study by the American Chemical Society that found marijuana smoke contains many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke but in substantially higher levels.
Ever seen a picture of a cancerous lung? I guess Justin hasn't.


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"What I remember about smoking dope was that it made you loll around on that dusty old couch in somebody's partially finished basement... listening endlessly to the same Steppenwolf 8-track tape, on a stereo cranked up so high it would've sterilised a labrador retriever."
And then I grew up and had a family.


Anonymous said...

Enough of this nanny state nonsense. Behave like a Conservtive. sheesh. Stop telling me what I can't watch, eat and smoke. You sound like a boody dipper.

Anonymous said...

I am no supporter of Justin, and I dread having to live through his seemingly inevitable tenure as prime minister, but on this issue I have to side with him.

Everyone agrees that tobacco smoking is extremely harmful, and most choose not to do it, and would hope their children choose not to do it. But that doesn't mean it should be illegal.

The force of the state should be used in extreme cases where state enforcement is essential to the safe functioning of society for all.

I don't approve of the state using this force to "save people from themselves".

I would prefer that Justin made the argument in that way (stating that smoking is inherently dangerous but a personal choice) instead of the smarmy grinning "positive" way he does make the case, but that's Justin, and that is what the Canadian media are now going to force on us all.

Neo Conservative said...

* anon says... "I don't approve of the state using this force to "save people from themselves".

in a perfect world, neither do i. but unless you're willing to make the same case for legalising heroin & methamphetamine, you're simply a hypocrite.

you could use the same argument to do away with seatbelts and traffic lights... or allow people to walk the streets with fully automatic weapons... but you see the problem. people are flawed and a certain subset of society will recklessly endanger themselves and everyone around them.

sadly, there has to be some sort of societal oversight, or we fall into chaos.

pot is arguably less harmful than alcohol, but do i, as a parent, want to encourage the use of either one?

i would, for example, be willing to impose an automatic 10 year minimum sentence on any drunk driver who takes a life. sure, freddy... drink your ass off... but if you cause harm as a result... you pay... bigtime.

if everyone was responsible and moral... we wouldn't need constraints on personal freedoms. sadly we are not.


Anonymous said...

I don't agree that drawing a line with pot on the legal side and heroin on the illegal side makes one a hypocrite. You could equally say that if someone argues for pot to be illegal, but for tobacco and alcohol to be legal, then that would make them a hypocrite. And is anyone advocating illegal alcohol (either as being correct in principle or as being a vote-winner)?

Moving on from the purist arguments, I think most people agree that a line has to be drawn, with some drugs legal and some illegal. For me, pot would be on the legal side (along with tobacco and alcohol) with heroin on the illegal side.

However I am no expert on drugs, and I respect that fact that many would argue for lines to be drawn in another way.

Allowing fully automatic weapons on the streets seems different to me, because the risk to others is more apparent.

My main concern with the pot issue specifically is that the Conservative party (and Republican party) are losing many naturally libertarian voters over issues like this which are frankly secondary to people like me. I could live with illegal alcohol (reluctantly) or with legal heroin (potentially, with some controls in place), or with legal or illegal pot. What concerns me more is the increasing bureaucracy/socialism/corruption of government, which I believe threatens our society and culture.

Being illiberal turns off naturally libertarian (but non-political) voters, and increases the dominance of anti-conservatives in the media and academia. We Conservatives are seen as anti-freedom nasty people by the media and thus by much of mainstream society. Of course it should be the Liberals and Democrats seen that way, but so far we are losing that fight.

Yes, Justin is an idiot, but picking a fight with him over pot is a waste of time. The bigger fight is not with Justin (very unlikely we will win that one), but with the larger left-wing movement, and I think we should be more libertarian to win that fight.

Neo Conservative said...

anon says... "I don't agree that drawing a line with pot on the legal side and heroin on the illegal side makes one a hypocrite."

lemme see... if your argument is that you won't support laws that "save people from themselves"... then you don't get to make that distinction. freedom is freedom. and if the freedom to ingest chemical substances is limited to pot and not heroin or meth... then it's no freedom at all.

a part of enjoying freedom is willingness to accept the consequences that flow from that. that's the principle you invoked.

justin trudeau is a moron. he claims to be catholic, but has said he won't sign nomination papers unless his candidates support abortion. he shows up for photo-ops at a gay pride parade... and then at a wahabbi mosque (the folk who execute homosexuals) and chants the prayer of islamic fealty. he says the budget will balance itself and no one says boo.

if justin is elected pm he will damage the country beyond repair.

and we will deserve it.