18 August 2014

If President Obama had another son...

Attorney General Eric Holder steps in and Trayvonates investigation...

The "extraordinary circumstances" surrounding Brown's death and a request by his family prompted the Justice Department's decision to conduct a THIRD autopsy, agency spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement.
You know... 'circumstances' like forensic evidence running totally contrary to eyewitness accounts of what happened.


UPDATE: New eyewitness suddenly surfaces...

...just after autopsy results that refute previous eyewitness testimony that Michael Brown was shot in the back.
According to Piaget Crenshaw, Wilson looked like he was trying to pull Brown into the police car. She said it “upset the officer” that Brown got away, and he began firing at him.

By her account, when one of the bullets grazed Brown's arm, he turned around and “then he was shot multiple times.”
Yup... only now he was shot in the front of his body. Whew, that was a close call.

How good is this new witness? Heck she's even able to tell you what the police officer was thinking...
She described how after Brown was lying dead on the street, “Wilson looks baffled, like 'What have I just done?'”
Front, back... those are just tiny details, right?

I guess my question is... just how many times do witnesses get to change the narrative?


Harkov said...

Ever notice that in cases like these, there is ALWAYS another shoe that drops?

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps attorney general eric holder thinks the third autopsy will find all those bullet holes in michael brown's back that all those witnesses said they saw?

you know, the holes that the first two autopsies didn't find?