16 January 2013

Ontario Emergency Services...

...follow Commiss, er... Moderator Chris Lewis lead... "no more racing over to burning buildings" say Firefighters... "sick and maimed people are really icky" declare Paramedics...
cops... what cops?Hey, Chris... did somebody actually say you had to arrest "everybody"? I was thinking maybe just the people who were observed breaking the law.

"We’re going to try to talk through a de-escalation of any tension and come up with some parameters."
Oh, that's so sweet.


"So if my friends and I decide we're going to 'strike' because we're not happy with Ontario's electricity rates, you're going to let us block the 401 next week? Don't worry, we'll give you and your commanders a call ahead of time to "discuss the parameters". We'll even bring donuts."
Orwell was so, so right.


Anonymous said...

the terminally stupid have inherited the earth.

The Grey Lady said...

So we aren't going to willy nilly use violence to escalate a situation, I guess that means swat teams are a thing of the past then?

Neo Conservative said...

"grey lady says... guess that means swat teams are a thing of the past"

why stop there? how about we take away all those nasty police handguns and issue each officer a copy of 'i'm ok, you're ok'?