22 January 2013

Bright lights, big city

Yet again, a crime that should have been prevented...

On Dec. 5, the accused was arrested following an incident involving Takyi. He was charged with three counts of assault, two counts each of assault with a weapon and weapons dangerous, and one count of threatening death.

Owusu-Ansah was released the same day and ordered to remain under house arrest as he awaited his Jan. 30 court appearance on those charges.
So what happened next?
“Her death was extremely violent,” Homicide Det.-Sgt. Brian Borg said Monday.

He said Takyi was walking to her parked car to head to work around 4 a.m. when she was brutally attacked, allegedly by her former boyfriend.

She was stabbed, doused with “a flammable substance” and set on fire, Borg explained.

“The intensity of that fire has virtually left her body unrecognizable.”
Who could have seen that coming, huh?
“Needless to say, at the time that this homicide was committed, the accused was in breach of numerous conditions of his court ordered release,” Borg said.
Yup... including, what was it... oh, that's right... threatening death.

I guess resistance, or more to the point, expecting the protection of the law, IS futile... right, Det-Sgt. Borg?


Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure: this a-hole will NEVER commit another crime again. Why one may ask? Well that’s because of PM Harper’s tough on crime legislation under Bill C-10. Mr Harper and his conservatives have taken tremendous steps in protecting our society. Mr. Harper has a mandate to be tough on crime and as a result, Canada has seen the lowest crime rate in our history. Criminals today know that if you mess around in Canada you going to get nailed, slammed, get the book thrown at you and get locked up and have the key thrown away. Yes sir PM Harper has kept us safe and protected us from harm. Thank you Mr. Harper and may God bless you.

Neo Conservative said...

legislation is one part of the solution... enforcement has to be the other half.

it's about society realising that every person has to do his part. one man will not change this problem.