30 September 2011

I think I smell Nobel Peace Prize #2

Who says Barack Obama doesn't believe in the death penalty?
ashes to ashesOf course, Samir Khan stepped way over the line...

"Khan edited the slick Western-style Internet publication “Inspire Magazine” that attracted many readers."
No trial, no judge, no jury... that's one way to streamline the system.

Good on ya, Killer.


UPDATE: Playing it both ways...

...taking credit...
"We are very pleased that Mr. Awlaki is no longer going to be in a position to directly threaten the United States homeland, as well as our allies around the world."
...while ducking responsibility...
Mr. Obama declined to say whether he gave the order to kill al-Awlaki, saying he could not discuss operational details.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch... the McDreamy fanclub continues to shrink in numbers...
The American Civil Liberties Union, meanwhile, decried the killing of an American citizen who was never charged with a crime.
Hope, change and... ya feelin' lucky, punk?


LAST WORD: The harder you work...

...the luckier you get.