30 September 2011

Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you

Canada's aging & increasingly infirm population will only further stress a precariously situated system that presently consumes over half of all our tax dollars... and, is indeed... perched on the knife edge of total implosion...

Writing for the majority, Chief Justice McLachlin said that addicts are extremely sick individuals whose urgent need frequently leads to them to inject drugs with dirty needles after dissolving narcotics in dirty puddle water.

She noted that the geographically small area is home to 4,600 intravenous drug users whose addiction means that their lives are constantly on the line.
Unlike, say... our courageous soldiers... these folks have chosen to "put their lives constantly on the line" in reckless, uncaring, single-minded pursuit of self-gratification.

And it's easy to see what's at the bottom of this slippery slope...
Ms. Bird, 54, is president of the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society, a group dedicated to improving the quality of life for native people who use illicit drugs. She said she smokes crack every day and would use an inhalation room if one were to open.
Yeah... I bet she would. These folks spent a little less time glued to their glass pipes, their kids might not be screwed from day 1...
"42 per cent of aboriginal children under 14 live with either a lone parent, grandparent or relative. Only 58 per cent live with two parents, compared to 82 per cent in the non-native population."
Hey, how about forming a group of people who improve the quality of life... for aboriginal children? Forgive me... I guess that'd cut into somebody's daily inhalation schedule.

So, my question is... given the desperate & steadily worsening state of our healthcare system... how about we do a little triage and dedicate scant, disappearing resources... towards people who actually give a shit whether they live or die?

We take care of that... all the money that's left over can go to shiny new needles, crackpipes and medically supervised spikin', snortin' & smokin'.



"I'm a shopping addict! Quick, give me your credit card!!"

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...for Dalton to go back on this statement?
In the wake of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that grants Vancouver’s Insite Clinic the ability to stay open, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty told the Sun the province wouldn’t support such publicly-funded sites for addicts.

“We’ll have to take a look at the decision,” McGuinty said. “It’s not in our plan, it has never been in our plan, that’s not our intention to have one of those sites in Ontario.”


Pissedoff said...

What is coming next, thanks to bonehead McLacklin and the other monkies on the Stupid Court of Canada is free clean drugs. No mention of diabetics of course. You can also bet as these idiot said it was a provincial responsibilty other provinces like Ontario will now join in.

Jen said...

When the public of BC/VAN find out that they are paying for it; they definitely wil want it close.

I don't believe that providing clean will decrease drug addicts. In fact as stated today in the news 800 drug addicts a day go to the insite clinic. To me, that's increasing not decreasing.

Neo Conservative said...

they gonna start handing out johnny walker red to alcoholics so they don't have to sully their palates with old sailor?

how about whorehouse vouchers for sex addicts?

where and when does this all end?


Pissedoff said...

Until we get a PM with balls it won't end. McLacklin and her idiots are the unelected government running the country thanks to Trudeau's charter of stupidity.

Barb R said...

I'm a shopping addict! Quick, give me your credit card!!

Pissedoff said...


robertOMG said...

OMG! Dulton just alienated the junkie\scumbag vote. That's going to cost him.

Neo Conservative said...

get out & vote.

mrs neo and i hit the advance poll the other day and were told there was a pretty heavy turnout.

you don't vote... you lose the right to bitch about it.


jwkozak91 said...

The CBC told me last night that McSquinty and Hudak were neck-and-neck. Does this mean the 1985 leftist-coalition scenario is in play?

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... McSquinty and Hudak were neck-and-neck"

all the more reason to get out there and make your vote count.

hopefully, ontarians will come to their senses.