17 November 2010

Ex-movie star & ex-Ignatieff BFF...

...takes aim at federal Cabinet Ministers...
Dhalla said she also took offence to the defence department advertising on websites that promote violence, such as hockeyfights.com.

"The buck stops obviously with the ministers, whether they have contracted those (the advertising) out, the buck stops with the…government."

“I don’t think that any Canadian out there wants to have these types of keywords or websites identified which are objectifying and insulting and demeaning to women.”
So, Ruby.... you're all about respecting women?

'Cos I'm thinkin' there's a "Hooters" out there that had to go on a manic hiring spree.
feminism first
Why? And for Whom? -- is a six-year-old Hindi film that tells of a man poisoning his wife to collect insurance.
Let's not even get started on "Canadian values"... like, say... pensions for recent immigrants or indentured servitude.