03 May 2009

Remember when you were a kid...

...and people used to be "snatched off the street and tortured?"

Yeah... me neither...
Retribution for cooperating with police led to a young man being kidnapped, confined and tortured for hours before he escaped early yesterday morning, investigators say.

The victim, in his early 20s, was involved in a robbery a few years ago, but decided to cooperate with police by giving statements against his co-accused, Toronto Police Det. Alex Broadfoot said this morning.

"There's a very good possibility he could have ended up dead," he said. Cops are looking for Anheim "African" Bol and Luis "Sluggs" Sampedro, both 19.

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Police are hunting for a gunman after a west end home was left riddled with bullets yesterday.

The Weston Rd. and Eglinton Ave. area home was hit by several bullets just before 5:30 p.m., a 46-year-old resident reported to police.

If they simply killed each other...

...instead of innocent bystanders, I could live with this...
A trial is finally underway for three individuals alleged to be members of the Galloway Boys, one of Toronto's most feared street gangs, accused of shooting two men who were totally unconnected to the criminal underground.

Crown prosecutor said Monday in its opening remarks that Tyshan Riley, Philip Atkins and Jason Wisdom were part of a "ride squad."

Neither Brendan Charlton, who died, nor his passenger Leonard Bell had any ties whatsover to the gang activity plaguing their neighbourhood at the time, police said.
Of course, like any self-respecting thug, they've all got street names...
Riley had a street name of "Greezy," said Ellis. Atkins was known as "Stacks" or "Brubbs," while Wisdom had the nickname "CD" — his older brother was known as "LP."