11 May 2009

In heedless, headlong pursuit ...

...of a soft, fluffy "Casey & Finnegan" world...
"Why shouldn't York University accommodate Ashif Jaffer?" The word "accommodate" seems to have acquired the same status as "love," "tolerance" and "peace" -- things that are always good and desirable. Canada is a just society, after all.

Recently I wrote about Ashif Jaffer, a man with Down syndrome whose mother is determined that he earn an undergraduate degree and who is suing York University in Toronto for refusing to make that happen.
Because, in Pierre Trudeau's socialist paradise... "If you want it... it will, most assuredly, come."


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"It's not fair that university degrees only be awarded to the academically gifted. They should be equally distributed amongst all the various protected categories of citizens."

"To reward those with aptitude and diligence at the expense of those lacking such attributes is a clear violation of our rights."

"When I was young I thought the villains in Ayn Rand's novels were ridiculously over the top. I don't think that anymore."

LAST WORD: The CBC wants in