07 April 2009

Anybody else notice...

...how the media has chosen to characterise the recent spate of gangland killings in Vancouver?
They're not "murders" or "killings"... which would presuppose a murderer, or a killer... they are now "targeted shootings"... a clumsy and blatant attempt to place the blame solely on the evil gun. Think I'm making mountains out of molehills? When's the last time you heard of a "targeted knifing", or a "targeted arson"?

A gun is an inanimate object. It has no will, nor can it form intent. Without someone to pick it up, load it, point it and pull the trigger... it is merely a chunk of metal. A gun "shoots people"... in the same way that "cars crush pedestrians". It's intellectually lazy... and more to the point, it's dishonest.

In actual fact, legally registered firearms account for a statistically insignificant number of killings in Canada.

In 2003, there were 161 gun homicides in Canada. Assuming that each shooting involved a separate gun we can calculate what percentage of Canadian guns were involved in these murders. If we take the official figure of seven million guns we get (161/7,000,000 = 0.000023 or .0023%).

Only 23 ten thousandths of 1% of the Canadian gun stock was involved in a homicide.
It's time to put the spotlight back on the actual sociopaths who use a gun, or a knife, or a hammer, or their fists... to maim and kill.

Don't be a mindless socialist sheeple.

Wake up and smell the species.


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robins111 said...

A rose by any other name...

Oh I'm sorry these are Liberal Bastions..

Probably poor mis-understood youth's who have no Skate Board park to play in.

We need more social workers, and understand that all canadians are essentially racists.

Then and only then will these targeted shootings stop.

Neo Conservative said...

good thing vancouver already had the olympic nod... this latest spree of gangland murders would have been more than enough to put the kibosh on that little party.


BillBC said...

I think the reason they call them "targeted shootings" is to calm public fears of random violence. People don't care much if one gang hood kills another, which is what the phrase is meant to imply. I don't think it has anything to do with guns per se.

Neo Conservative said...

"BillBC says... I think the reason..."

as opposed to those 'untargeted shootings" where people just get lucky, huh? it couldn't possibly have anything to do with media bias.

so bill, exactly how many "random shootings" have there been out there in la-la land lately?

more to the point... how's that "calming public fears" thing going?


Rural and Right said...

Our mushy gushy Politcally Correct media should re-lean to call a spade a spade, and I would love to see a balanced Fox News Canada come to my TV.

Anonymous said...

I agree with BillBC.
The term 'targeted shooting' tells me that the person who was shot was the person that the shooter wanted to shoot at and not an innocent bystander.
I don't think it will calm any fears however. I tend to avoid neighbourhoods where 'targeted shootings' occur but quite often they take their beefs to neighbourhoods outside of their own and that's what scares the hell out of most people.
I'm wondering though how it is that the authorities are able to determine so quickly that a shooting victim was an intended target? Aren't they supposed to wait for the police to investigate the crime?

Neo Conservative said...

"neil says... I agree with BillBC."

you're certainly entitled to your opinion, neil.

of course... nobody seems to be calling this a "targeted slashing".

so anyway, lemme try this one on... "hey, sarge, we've got these 20 dead gangbangers in the last 2 months... let's use the word 'targeted'... so people don't think "son of sam" got loose... and they can just relax and go about their business."

sure... that could happen.

here's a thought, though... instead of always vilifying an inanimate object like a gun, or even a knife... how about we "target" the thugs who are actually pulling the triggers?

and let's stow the crap about how these guys didn't have a choice... because of junkie mummy, or absent daddy.

a couple billion dollars worth of law enforcement... instead of chasing farmer's & hunter's rifles wouldn't have been amiss either.

that work for you?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Olympics....does that mean the biathalon is targeted skiing?????

Anonymous said...

The "targeted shooting" was probably coined by the RCMP who cannot solve the crimes. This way the public won't get all up in arms over them being bumbling idiots who've let drug crime take over the west coast of this country.

Philanthropist said...

'Targeted shooting' - a way to accuse target shooters?

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... a way to accuse target shooters?"

oh, they're way more subtle than that... as they just keep nudging the sheeple further and further over to the left.

notice how they focus on "shooting" rather than the sociopathic thugs pulling the trigger.

if we could just melt down all the nasty guns... there would somehow magically be peace on earth.


The Phantom said...

Given the way these boys shoot, I'd say the word "targeted" is stretching things.

How about "gangland hit" or "deliberate execution"? Oh wait, we don't want to scare the chickens.

By the way, gentlemen and ladies. Do y'all fully realize the extent to which this conversation would get you FIRED in any company in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver? And I mean fired like they hustle you out of the building with five security guards and send your office crap later.

Even suggesting that private citizens have the right to fight back makes you a security risk in Corporate Canada. Admitting to having ever fired a gun in your life, much less actually owning one, makes you another Mark Lepine looking for a place to happen.

Yeah its propaganda, but its -effective- propaganda.

Neo Conservative said...

"phantom says... How about "gangland hit" or "deliberate execution"? Oh wait, we don't want to scare the chickens."

or... more to the point... have them realise that the people targeted by the "farmer bob rifle registry"... namely skeet shooters, farmers & duck hunters... aren't the folks runnin' around vancouver changin' each other's horoscopes.

they're supposed to, INSTEAD, rise up and defend the fiberals "2 billion dollar snowjob" and pretend they can live happily ever after.