30 January 2009

So Dawg, your big theory...

...about the Jehovah's Witnesses putting the kibosh on the national anthem... it kinda skips over that whole Green Party thing...
-- Upper Belleisle, N.B. -- School district superintendent Zoe Watson said the decision was made by principal Erik Millett after two parents complained about their children having to sing the anthem.

"Sometimes we have students whose parents, because of their beliefs, don't want their children to participate."
After seeing those pix of Lizzie May speaking at a Hezbollah rally... and hearing her infamous slur about Christian Crusaders... I wouldn't be surprised at anything the Greenies do...
But some in the community said that the decision may have been made because of Millett's personal beliefs. Millett ran for the Green Party in the last federal election and his website describes him as "actively involved in the peace movement."

Millett has not stated what exactly the parents complained about in regards to the anthem. Millett was not available for comment Thursday.
Hey Dawg... I bet your adoring public doesn't know you do impersonations...
"It must've been some immugrunts, prolly MOOSLUMS."
Ezra Levant... unlike poor demented Dawg... actually fleshes out this sordid tale.
"Of course, if there really were anti-anthem parents, they could have been told that the anthem is part of the school's program, and it was staying. Or they could have been told that they could exempt their own children from that three-minute exercise."

"Cancelling the entire thing -- based on mystery complaints that no-one else seems to have heard about -- is clearly the act of a rogue principal with his own agenda, not the result of any genuine parental concern."
And the coup de grace...
"How ironic: the fight-the-power punk rocker/amateur actor who idolizes anti-establishment rebels is now a low-level bureaucrat in a small school in a small town, who has become every bit the censorious petty tyrant he claims to despise."
I fear for my country.


"Perhaps the principal should focus on doing his job. Mr Millett's school is producing results under the provincial average and under his regions average."