24 January 2009

"How does a child..."

"...who's been in the U.S. since he was 4 or 5 become convinced to leave his parents and go to war in Somalia?"

A number of families across Minneapolis are wondering the same thing.

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"Operation Punch Yourself in the Face"

LAST WORD: I have just one question...
"Whether it's for religious or family value reasons, this is a public education system, it's secular and we're serving the public," he said. "Is it right or is it fair for children who are not allowed to sing the anthem to be forced to?
Who exactly is it... that's "not allowed" to sing "Oh Canada"?

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FROM THE COMMENTS: I bet you didn't know...

...Dr Dawg does impersonations...
"It must've been some immugrunts, prolly MOOSLUMS."
I guess that's what passes for reasonable discourse on Planet Pink.

Down, boy! Down!



Who exactly is the Dawgster protecting today... Hezbollah, the Green party... baby seals?
"The JWs have had a long history of persecution in Canada."
Oh Dawg... step away from the hookah.