01 November 2008

You get to the point...

...even demented Marxists won't swallow this tripe... you know it's time for wholesale change...
The sin, she says, was challenging the dogma maintaining the aboriginal industry: that natives are special; that their traditions possess enlightened ideals and crucial wisdom that must not only be protected, but encouraged.

We sanction native justice, in the form of sentencing circles; the preservation of economically questionable traditional languages and sciences in schools (native languages often cannot accommodate modern scientific concepts); and the integration of "spiritual healing" in aboriginal health policy.

This plays to sentimentalities for ancient ways, but when it comes to improving First Nations' social and economic outcomes, the authors argue, such things are dangerously counterproductive.

"Aboriginal and other 'ethnic' leaders know how counterproductive ideas like these are for 'their' people, but that's not the point."

"If they don't build differences and divisions between 'their' people and the wider community, they could end up with no flock to lead - and therefore no government subsidies or fawning media."

LAST WORD: Yeah, that's some unique culture
-- SASKATOON -- The father of two young girls found frozen to death in a snowy field on Saskatchewan's Yellow Quill reserve goes on trial Monday.

Christopher Pauchay had allegedly been drinking on the cold January night he left home with his daughters in tow. The bodies of three-year-old Kaydance and her one-year-old sister Santana were later found wearing only diapers and T-shirts.
Just run the numbers.