21 November 2008

Okay... I'll say it again

Once again, I'm gonna ask that anonymous commenters to the blog take on some sort of pseudonym... (for example, a gmail account)... to distinguish themselves from the increasingly mindless, race-baiting, one-trick pony herd.
Like a lot of fellow conservative travellers... I've been getting all kinds of obscene, threatening trolls... and it's just getting to the point where it interferes with the flow and enjoyment of actual conversations. Verbal sparring is one thing... simply spouting anonymous obscenities and silly threats is totally another.

It's not like this dim bulb even has a point... or perhaps being an obnoxious troll IS THE POINT... so I've simply been deleting some of the stupidest stuff as it comes in.

I could always go to "full moderation" like so many other bloggers... or no comments at all... like Kathy Shaidle... but the truth is, I usually enjoy the interplay in the comments even more than any editorialising I do in the posts themselves.

I guess I'd just never really anticipated having the internet equivalent of obscene phone hangups constantly muddying up the comment threads.

I actually don't know what's more pathetic... this guy's apparent need to constantly spew sexual references... or the fact that he just can't ever seem to get enough of my attention.

Yup, that's mighty impressive, nonny... in a moody adolescent sorta way. I hate to think what you do when you're not hissing & spitting in the comments here.

I should mention this is only one of the half dozen comment threads "my own personal troll" decided to bombard last night. I can't even begin to imagine what sort of nonsense the female Blogging Tories have to put up with.

And for the life of me... I just can't figure out what the payoff is here... especially, since I've decided I'm just gonna zap this silliness as it shows up. Maybe it's a lefty thing.

Anyway, folks... if you wanna insure your comments won't be summarily deleted... I suggest you pick a pseudonym and take some responsibility for your words.


UPDATE: Received an email from a reader...

Looks like CC was so pleased with himself, he used his alter-ego drive-by troll profile to crow about his latest triumph in his own comments. And he's certainly impressing noted CC-licker... Kevron.

And what exactly is the Cynic doing with this extra identity?

Amazing. Totally and completely oblivious.


UPDATE2: Like I said... oblivious

No troll like an old troll...


UPDATE3: The list continues to grow...

Zorpheus and Balbulican don't wanna be left out.


RELATED: I hate commercials, but what we have here...

...is a larger issue...
"The bigger question is this: Should the vocal minority always be the one to control the debate?"

"One of the spinoff effects of Web 2.0 and social-media tools such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook is that they make it even easier for relatively small groups or niche markets to seem larger and more influential than they actually are."
I think of this sort of thing as "Michael Moore" syndrome.

Grab hold of some small aspect of an issue... turn on the uber-obnoxious... and spin, spin, spin.