10 October 2008

My own personal liberal campaign

Now... anybody who reads me regularly knows that I have my own personal anonymous troll.

And while it's true, he's not especially bright...
... what he lacks in smarts and imagination... he makes up for in nazi-obsessed persistence.
And, how's this for a deal... he supplies his own laugh track.

Now... I'll spare you the rest of the two dozen silly taunts he salted throughout my blog tonight... but you get the idea.

The thing is, he keeps promising to post all the instances of me deleting his accumulated wisdom... but, you know, he musta forgot... he's anonymous... so that just wasn't gonna happen.

Anyway, I thought I'd help out here.
So to my buddies Dawg and Stoogeleft... (the latter of whom, kindly directed a little traffic my way tonight)... I'd like to say thank you for inspiring my own personal cc-nonymous troll to greater effort.

It's a perfect illustration of how you guys conduct yourselves.

It's not too often you get your adversaries making your points for you.


LAST WORD: The hits just keep on comin'...

Poor cc-nonymous... he's even too cheap to pay for actual phone sex.

And here's the latest... Mr Dumbstick discovers reverse psychology...

Move over Sigmund Freud.