21 August 2008

Three Canadian casualties

-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Three Canadian troops were killed and another injured Wednesday when their vehicle was blasted by an explosive device west of Kandahar city in the most devastating strike against the Canadians so far this year.

Sergeant Shawne Eades and two other soldiers died in the attack. The names of the other soldiers are being held at the request of their families.
They will be remembered.


UPDATE: Two others identified

Sergeant Shawn Eades, Corporal Dustin Wasden and Sapper Stephan Stock died in the attack.

It is the worst one-day toll for the Canadians since July 4 of last year when six soldiers were lost in a single explosion.
P.S. Stay tuned for infamous idiot Canadian Cynic trying to make sport of their deaths.Because it's what he does.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Yup, he just can't stop...

...proving, once again, the thesis that stupid is forever.

I suppose if I was a women, there would be twice as much of this.The thing is... reposting your name-calling over and over... is just silly kid games. It was the stuff about the Nazis and the poison gas... that went over the line.

Now you just get erased.



It always amazes me how many gentle, progressive left-leaning commenters seem to groove on CC's foul brew. And it's always the same old shtick... screaming insults at members of the Blogging Tories... (funny how many of his targets seem to be women).

And I'm flabbergasted at how many people seem to groove on that. It's like all the kids who stood around in grade eight, watching the class bully pound the shit outta the new kid. The only real difference is... none of these folks are 13 years-old anymore.

So why is this considered acceptable behaviour?
I don't get it.

The best part is... as soon as someone turns the lens around on big, brave CC... he invariably runs crying to BT Admin Stephen Taylor to have me excommunicated from the Blogging Tories.

It's what bullies invariably do.

Hey, CC... not so "fellatiotastic" when the "dumb cuntitude" decides to fight back, huh?