09 June 2008

So some guy gets shot twice...

And ends up in hospital... and the "multi-culti" Toronto Star can't bring itself to issue a description of the shooter... I mean, what's up with that?
A 24-year-old man is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries after an early morning shooting in Mississauga.

The man was sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle in front of the Time Out bar near Finch and Darcel Aves., around 1 a.m. Sunday, when the suspect got out of a black car and opened fire.
Unfortunately... for the leftosphere anyway... the Mississauga News is a little less "sensitive" to these sorts of issues... and fills in the blanks...
A black man exited the vehicle and started shooting.

Investigators have no suspects and say the victim is not co-operating with them.
See... I don't get it.

Why is it that some editor at the "Red Star" gets to decide whether or not the public should get as much information as is available... on people running around shooting other people in their city?

And the guy who's refusing to talk to police... just charge this dufus with obstructing justice.

There are countries in the world where avoiding the cops is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.



"and guess what, my lefty friend... if the shooter had been a member of one of mayor miller's much-despised target shooting clubs... my guess is... you'd be hearing about the scuff marks at the back of his underwear drawer."

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No one who works for the Post is unaware that many Muslims feel antipathy toward a newspaper that is officially pro-Israel and, in practice, generally skeptical of Canadian multiculturalism.

It seems to occur to none of them to muck in and start up their own Daily Jihad that reflects the opposing views.

Khurrum Awan believes Muslims are positively entitled to a "voice"—a voice printed with somebody else's ink on somebody else's paper, delivered to homes by means of somebody else's employees and somebody else's internet infrastructure.
Or he could mosey over to the Star.

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I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.