29 June 2008

Crack CTV reporting...

...reveals not-so-secret police death squad... in Aylmer, Ontario, correction, Quebec...
Robert LeClair told CTV Ottawa that it was his brother David who was shot by police Saturday morning. LeClair said police showed up at his brother's door, allegedly to investigate a complaint filed by David's girlfriend. "He said, 'You're under arrest now.' He took out his pepper spray, sprayed, and then took out his black stick, hitting him with it in the house," said LeClair.

LeClair said the officer then led David outside and told him to lie on the ground. When David refused, the officer took out his gun and threatened to shoot him.

When David still refused, LeClair said the officer shot his brother three times in the side.
Another family member places the shooting back inside the house.
"My brother-in-law was on the floor, shot three times. The cop was still there, he had the gun in his holster but his hand was on it, he didn't want to let it go," said Robert Pombert, the alleged victim's brother-in-law.
Yeah... I bet that's exactly how it happened... both times.


UPDATE: The story just keeps getting better

Apparently, the cop who murdered sonny... also clubbed 73 year-old mom... who was, strangely enough, looking pretty hearty and unbruised during her subsequent tv interviews.
Mrs. Leclair, 73, said police had searched the home in the past -- although she referred to it as "harassment."

At least two officers "USUALLY SHOWED UP AT THE HOUSE" to calm Mr. Leclair down and defuse the situation if necessary, his family said.
Mr. LeClair was, as they say... "known to police."


UPDATE2: It just continues to get better & better

Apparently Officer Mad Max wasn't content to just club Mom...
“He put a gun to her head and said you’re going to get it next. He was screaming at the top of his lungs,” said Robert LeClair.
I guess Mommy Dearest was just too traumatized to mention that herself... in the CTV interview last night.

Good thing the media mentioned David LeClair was a roofer... I was beginning to think this guy was a Buddhist monk.



So what kind of dumbstick actually falls for an over the top media feeding frenzy like we have here?

Hey, CC... how you doing with those monsters under your bed?

That's what's really hilarious.



UPDATE3: The Ottawa Citizen is now reporting...

Mr. LeClair's sister-in-law apparently snapped pictures of him as he lay there dying.

Two questions come to mind.

How many people actually live in this house... and what kind of freak... instead of summoning help, or offering first-aid... takes pictures of a family member who is lying on the ground bleeding to death?


LAST WORD: Family now blaming cops...

...for not having tasers...
David LeClair would be alive today if the Gatineau cop who shot him had a stun gun, the victim's sister-in-law charged yesterday.