30 April 2008

MACLEANS SUIT - offer to settle

Well... we're certainly off to a fine start.
TORONTO, April 30 /CNW/ - "The assertion that the editors were prepared to consider a reasonable counter-view article to Mark Steyn's Islamophobic polemic is a complete fabrication," said Muneeza Sheikh, one of the students present at the meeting.
I'm not sure ol' Muneeza fully appreciates the concept of "settling"... in a Canadian legal context... which is odd, because she's apparently a lawyer.

The good news is that no one, except possibly Kathy Shaidle, is talking looting or burning... just yet.


UPDATE: Kathy reports in
At this morning's press conference, held by the Sharia Creeps, we were promised a big "settlement" announcement in the absurd case of Steyn & Maclean's v. A Bunch of Sock Puppets and Their Anti-Semite Master Behind the Curtain.

In a dazzling demonstration of both taqiyya AND hudna, we received no such thing.

The three law students -- or rather, their obnoxious lawyer, who did all the talking -- simply reiterated their original demands: that Maclean's magazine honor the students' imaginary "right to rebuttal" (a right that exists nowhere in English common law or centuries of journalistic and publishing practice) by letting them publish 5,000 unsolicited and unedited words in someone else's magazine.
Yup... a publicity stunt.