15 June 2007

All in the family

It might have been easier to just list the people from "the community"... who weren't arrested.

Details emerged about the 95 accused after Toronto police released the lengthy list of 700 charges laid late Thursday.

Among those arrested in Wednesday's massive raids targeting the Driftwood Crips street gang are the sister of the 15-year-old boy fatally shot inside a school and several alleged gang lieutenants.

Necole Small, 25, is one of 21 women arrested and faces a charge of possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition.

Also among those arrested was a man charged in a shooting that took place near the Manners' family home in the hours after the boy's funeral.
(via SDA)


UPDATE: Fruit of the poisoned tree?
One of the suspected gang members targeted in the massive law enforcement takedown of the Driftwood Crips was apparently tipped off by a family member on the force, a Toronto Police source said yesterday.

The suspect was able to avoid the raids early Wednesday morning but was later arrested and may have removed guns and drugs from his home, the source said.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Brutal, just another lost generation.

Neo Conservative said...

"Blazing Cat Fur said... Brutal, just another lost generation."

small correction... another taxpayer funded lost generation.


Jeff Davidson said...

know what's truly pathietic about people like you? you don't possess the intestinal fortitude to come out and say what you truly think. instead, you hide behind innuendo.

say what you're dying to say... the whole black community in toronto is lazy, stupid, criminal and murderous.


kursk said...

All right Jeff Davidson..try this one on for size, and see how this grabs you...

Fatherless, gangbang'in "niggas", who murder each other indiscriminately, with no regard for human life, just all happen to be black.

I believe these thugs should be stopped by the intestinal fortitude of the black community, instead what we hear is the crickets chirping, a silence dictated by a twisted sense of honour that allows this lawlessness to continue unabated.

I'll go you one better.Stop Third world immigration from countries like Jamaica.

Close the housing projects, crackdown on the little darlings who abuse welfare.

Liquidate the thugs if they even dare to raise their cornrows above the sewer line...

Clear enough for you?

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffy bugboy says... the whole black community in toronto is lazy, stupid, criminal and murderous."

ah jeffy... that's a little harsh... and perhaps a little freudian?

nobody said "the whole black community"... just the 95 neighbours, including, unbelievably, the sister of the murdered boy... in that particular area.

as far as "intestinal fortitude" goes... take a walk down driftwood ave. and assuming you survive it... report back here about the experience.

just one suggestion though, you might wanna leave your "bling" and your wallet at home.


Anonymous said...

The feigned shock and outrage of the dead kid's mother is truly pathetic - she knew very well one of her kids would likely get shot someday - not that she cared.

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... The feigned shock and outrage..."

Welcome to the tight-knit world of Jane and Finch.

The links between the people charged with gang activity were so numerous they prompted police to keep flow charts during the 11-month investigation.

"The criminal element in the Driftwood area are all aware of each other," said Det. Doug Backus, of the gun and gang's major project section.