15 June 2007

All in the family

It might have been easier to just list the people from "the community"... who weren't arrested.
Details emerged about the 95 accused after Toronto police released the lengthy list of 700 charges laid late Thursday.

Among those arrested in Wednesday's massive raids targeting the Driftwood Crips street gang are the sister of the 15-year-old boy fatally shot inside a school and several alleged gang lieutenants.

Necole Small, 25, is one of 21 women arrested and faces a charge of possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition.

Also among those arrested was a man charged in a shooting that took place near the Manners' family home in the hours after the boy's funeral.
(via SDA)


UPDATE: Fruit of the poisoned tree?
One of the suspected gang members targeted in the massive law enforcement takedown of the Driftwood Crips was apparently tipped off by a family member on the force, a Toronto Police source said yesterday.

The suspect was able to avoid the raids early Wednesday morning but was later arrested and may have removed guns and drugs from his home, the source said.

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