19 March 2007

It's not curiosity that kills the cat...


Welcome Canadian Cynic readers.

CC has spent the last 48 hours poring over my blog to come up with what he feels is an equivalent sin... to his telling Wanda Watkins, the mother of a young soldier killed in Afghanistan... "Fuck You and Your Grief."

Liberal Catnip, in case you've forgotten, is the woman who teamed up with Warren Kinsella to crown the Ten Smartest Women in the Canadian Blogosphere a while back.

Note that Libnip made sure to include herself on the short-list.

Note also that Libnip had one other rule for her contest. No one was to even mention Kate McMillan from SDA... you know... the woman who who took the "Best Canadian Weblog of 2006"... with more votes than all the nominees combined.

Libnip is a dope and I said so. I say it again here.

The fact that she has health issues doesn't get her a pass for her dopiness... and being at home on disability does, in fact, account for the time and energy she devotes to all her dopey crusades.

And that's why I mentioned it.

I trust no one is missing the irony, of Canadian Cynic, a man who refers to women as "closed-minded, worthless cunts"... rearing up on his hind legs and bleating about poor, defenseless Liberal Catnip.

Nice try CC... no sale.

ps... thanks for all the traffic, you and your number one fartcatcher "red tory" have been driving my way.

it's not an audience i normally get.



It's stupidity.

I'm always amazed at how many otherwise intelligent people believe their email is somehow a "privileged communication", akin to doctor/ patient or lawyer/ client confidentiality.

In fact, if you send an email from your place of employment, on their computer and using their internet pipe, the email is the property of... SURPRISE!!! -- your employer.

A good rule of thumb here is... never put anything in an email you wouldn't be prepared to stand up and shout at a public meeting.

So that's what makes this meltdown by Liberal Catnip so hilarious.
In that ProgBlogs diary, I discovered that you posted your extremely condensed versions of private (yes, that's right Jason - PRIVATE) e-mail conversations I and others had with you.

Who the fuck gave you permission to post the content of private e-mail discussions?
Hoooweee, missee... you kiss your kids with that mouth?

Liberal Catnip is also the undisputed master of "unintentional irony."

And, oh my goodness, woe is her.

While I can see being pissed at Cherniak, I don't get why she has to publicly trash her own mother...
Stop playing the fucking martyr and get over yourself. Seriously. I know all about martyrs. You should meet my mother. She has the back of her hand permanently attached to her forehead in the "woe is me" position.
Puts a whole new spin on the words "discretion" and "loyalty."

See Libnip... maybe Cherniak isn't the problem here. You may also want to consider the possibility that you aren't the final arbiter of political discourse on the leftbot landscape.

Perhaps you should also think about staying in the shallow end a tad longer, working on, say... your Top Ten List of the Smartest Canadian Female Bloggers.

Instead of staging another ill-considered public meltdown.

UPDATE: Liberal Catnip's Bad Day...continued

Although Libnip ostensibly supports free speech and indeed fires a warning shot across other blogs bows'...
Finally, as I said before, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the (blogging and political) kitchen and stop blaming the rest of us who are just as entitled to having opinions as you are.
She's a little hypocritical, or perhaps confused about what constitutes freedom of speech...
[comment deleted...go pimp your wingnut blog elsewhere. -catnip]
neo | 03.19.07 - 11:53 am | #
Which, of course, simply reinforces my point.

LAST WORD: Who is Libnip?
"a mid-40s woman on permanent disability living well below the poverty line"
I guess that explains having ample time to cut and paste lengthy, interminable leftbot screeds... in between regularly spaced meltdowns about personal injustice.

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