14 September 2006

Who could have known?

Perhaps all those pictures of guns and a 10 inch bowie knife should have been a clue.  

That, and well... his online journal

insert alt text hereNow that police have identified the latest Montreal spree shooter, the MSM will be jamming the media sideshow into high gear. I can see it now... "Oprah talks to school custodian" and "Montreal madman never breastfed, film at 11." 

In the background, I can also hear the shrill chorus from Kooky Wendy and her friends, "What if all the guns in the universe were melted down and turned into tractors to feed the third world?"

Unfortunately real life doesn't work that way. 

Clifford Olsen managed to rape, torture and kill a dozen of our children just fine without a gun. Not having an assault rifle didn't slow up Karla and Paul for even a millisecond. 

Just this week there was some nutbag in Vancouver, running around slicing up homeless people like an amped up sushi chef, but hey... lets all just freak out about rifles. 

Come to think of it, no firearms for whatsisname either... oh yeah, Mohammed Atta and his merry band of islamo-murderers. The one thing that Kimveer Gill and all of the sociopaths mentioned above had in common... was that every last one of them was as crazy as a shithouse mouse

My burning question, what I really wanna know, is why none of the people on the website where he posted his homicidal rants and pictures of himself with guns... reported him to the police

There was plenty of warning from Mr. Gill himself... not too different from the signals loudly broadcast by the 9/11 hijackers.  He's talking about dying and killing... and demonstrating he had the capability to carry out his demented fantasies.

So if you're looking to lay blame here, instead of pointing to an inanimate object like a gun... look to all the aptly self-described freakazoids who visit, post on, or maintain the website "Vampirefreaks.com" This isn't the first murderer who posted here... or even the second.

The site has been associated with violence before, according to Jesse Hirsh, president of technology services firm Openflows Networks Ltd. in Toronto.

In a Toronto trial last year, the girlfriend of a youth accused of killing his younger brother and attempting to kill his stepfather was revealed to have had a profile and pictures on the site.

A 23-year old man and his 12-year-old girlfriend, accused of killing a family of three son in Medicine Hat, Alberta, last April, were also reported to have had profiles on the site.

I see this place as a safe-injection site for social outcasts... and they're the ones who should've seen this coming.  

UPDATE: Goth website denies any responsibility

"The Goth scene is a very friendly, nurturing, non-violent community and we are very supportive of our users and do not condone any illegal activities," he added.
Of course, the next sentence reads...
The Montreal gunman, 25-year-old Kimveer Gill, had posted graphic photographs and comments on the Web site, including one where the barrel of a gun points straight at the camera, and he said loved guns and hated people.