29 June 2019

Lies, damn lies and statistics

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The questions here are obvious. How many Trump supporters even exist in the downtown of a city that went 83% for Hillary Clinton — and how many of them watch "Empire?" How many guys looking for a fight carry rope and bottles of bleach around with them?

Doing research for a book, "Hate Crime Hoax," I was able to easily put together a data set of 409 confirmed hate hoaxes.
Think it doesn't happen here in Canada?

THINK AGAIN.insert alt text hereAnd remember Pierre-lite's outrage about "Hijab Girl?"insert alt text here
Within hours, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared with his Muslim Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen to validate the yet unsubstantiated story of a Muslim being attacked because of her religion.

Now Khawlah Noman is an 11-year-old, so would not be charged. But what did her mother know?

Watching the girl’s video statement again, the girl’s words look well-prepared. It must be asked, given what we now know: Was she coached?

LAST WORD: Justin Trudeau's "aboriginal genocide"