27 June 2019

Remember back, you were a kid...

...and students were attacking teachers on a daily basis?

YEAH... ME NEITHER...insert alt text here

Teachers turn to protective gear as violence escalates.

Violent outbursts by students at Ottawa's largest school board double in 3 years.
What, pray tell, has changed?


So Mike Harris actually had a "zero-tolerance for violence in schools" policy in place to cover exactly this type of situation... but the McSlippery Liberals repealed it back in 2007.
Because racism.


LAST WORD: Ask the Toronto District School Board
"The panel says it found 177 violent incidents in schools across the district — they include gun incidents, robberies and sexual assaults. The panel found there were guns in 'select schools' across the city 'in non-trivial numbers.'”


Mark Matis said...

What has changed?

Check the demographics.

Neo Conservative said...

or, if you live in a large
urban center, look up from
your iphone for a sec.