07 June 2019

The "Basic Dictatorship"...

...will balance itself...insert alt text here

On Wednesday evening, the full Senate refused to kill Bill C-48, the so-called Tanker Moratorium, by a whopping margin of 53-38.

A Senate committee, after months of hearings, testimony and submissions, had recommended that the bill be abandoned.

But now the Senate itself rejects the decision of its own committee.

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On Wednesday, one day after the Canadian Prime Minister said Canada had committed genocide against thousands of Indigenous women and girls, the Organization of American States announced it expected Canada to cooperate with its investigation.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says ------- the senate has zero power in Canada and anything they vote on, yea or nay, is freaking meaningless.

Neo Conservative said...

it's both a reward and a
retirement home.


TheTooner said...

Mike Duffy was right.