01 June 2019

I blame Charlton Heston...

...and the NRA...insert alt text here

The Wall Street Journal and other outlets continued to report that DeWayne Antonio Craddock had been terminated, perhaps recently. The newspaper reported that Craddock returned to municipal building 2 to “exact revenge.”
The New York Times was apparently unable to find a picture of Mr. Craddock. Funny how that works.

The MSM keeps referring to this guy as a a "disgruntled city employee," but I think "angry, evil fuck" is a more apt descriptor.


UPDATE: Gotta round up all the lawyers
Neither City Manager Dave Hansen nor Police Chief James Cervera would comment on whether Craddock was facing disciplinary or termination proceedings at the time of the shooting.

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...I mean it's not like a neo-nazi shot up a mosque or anything...insert alt text here
Joseph Scott, an engineering technician with the department of public works said he worked in a different division from Craddock, whom he described as quiet, polite and a "nice guy."

Scott said he thought Craddock was in good standing at work and had never heard negative reports about him. Scott said he, his wife and several other people prayed for the shooter.

Several neighbours said Craddock was a clean-cut member of the neighbourhood association board whose wife had left him some years ago.
DeWayne is obviously a "jolly good fellow" so it must be the fault of those evil, manipulative guns.

Sounds like someone's national broadcaster is laying the groundworks for an "mental & emotional issues" defence...insert alt text here