10 June 2019

Time to throw another politician...

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In reality, New Zealand is quite heavily armed per capita, with an estimated 1.2-1.5 million guns in a country of approximately 4.7 million people. Two months ago, Reuters breathlessly reported, “New Zealand police expect tens of thousands of firearms to be surrendered by a guns buy-back scheme.”

Only 530 guns have thus far been turned in to the authorities.

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California ammunition providers are seeing a spike in sales ahead of a new state law that will clamp down on individuals trying to buy ammo.

LAST WORD: As usual, the real gold is...

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"I once inquired at Costco as to why the huge plastic clam shell packaging and the answer was simple. Shoplifting was the reason."

"So, Trudeau should ban shoplifting."


John the Mad said...

"So, Trudeau should ban shoplifting."

You obviously don't understand how the "progressive" mind works. Shoplifters aren't the problem.

Trudeau will simply ban shops.

Neo Conservative said...

or leaving your property
without permission.