04 March 2018

Bad timing on the "Race Card"

If Marci Ien, one of the black community's "best and brightest" is willing to pull this sort of shit...liar, liar
I was at home. My safe place. And I was scared,” she wrote.
Unfortunately and somewhat ironically for Marci, [a television personality] she overlooked the fact that, these days, police cars are very often equipped with video cameras.race hustlerSo... not a KKK assassin after all.

Which doesn't stop Marci's urban media peers from rushing in to try put out the fire...image courtesy of reader angela
"Like with the Hijab Hoax, racism allegations must be fully vetted. An investigation could happen, but Ien, Saunders and the officer involved hugging it out — with lessons learned — would be my preference."
Ah, Joe... spoken like a spineless "professional" journalist.


FROM THE COMMENTS: "Stop signs be racist"


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Check your "sexual privilege" girlfriend...liar, liar
"Ien confesses she likes speed sometimes," the article stated. "She has been stopped by police a few times, but nailed only once. Her secret: 'I flash them a smile. I don't know if it's the Marci Ien thing, but it's like, 'Did you know you were going …?' Yes, I did. I won't do it again. 'Okay, that's fine.'"
Looks like the "the Marci Ien thing" is going to assume a totally different meaning from now on. Really, Marci... isn't it all relative?