08 June 2019

QUESTION: Would she have been shot...

...if she was wearing a hijab?insert alt text hereHow did Officer Noor not assume she was the victim of the "woman being assaulted" call he had been dispatched to?

What made Justine Damond such a threat?

"When an unarmed Justine Ruszczyk Damond — dressed in a pink T-shirt with koalas on it, pyjama pants, carrying a glittery gold iPhone — walked barefoot towards the patrol car to meet police, Mohamed Noor shot her in the abdomen at point blank range."
Note that Noor refused to talk to Police investigators about what happened that night and only apologised to the family AFTER he was found guilty.
Lawyers for Noor, who was fired after being charged in the case and has never talked to investigators about what happened, argue that he used reasonable force to defend himself and his partner from a perceived threat.
An ill-conceived strategy that earned Mr Noor a 12 year vacation at the Gray Bar Motel. Maybe he should've stayed in the old country and been a pirate.

And then there's this...
Protesters from the Somali-American community held placards, calling the ruling unjust and labelling the case “identity politics”. Mohamed Noor’s brother Abass Noor has also slammed the “racist and inequitable” US justice system.
Remind me, please, once again, about the "warlord certified" justice system in sunny, pastoral Somalia.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says -------- in answer to your question, no she would not have been shot if wearing Islamic garb.

Neo Conservative said...

officer noor, despite saying he felt
threatened on this report of a woman
being attacked, did not turn on his
body camera.

he also refused to talk to the cops
investigating the shooting.

he also had three prior complaints,
one of which was sealed from the

maybe hiring quotas aren't the