25 June 2019

More mixed messages from...

...Prime Minister Drink Box Water Bottle...insert alt text here

It’s unclear as to whether Justin Trudeau used the plastic forks and knives to eat the pizza, but this doesn’t absolve him from plastic-use hypocrisy.

Unless that is, you believe that the Prime Minister actually uses drink box water bottle sort-of-things.

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In another case of politically correct newspeak from Canada’s public broadcaster, a now-edited CBC article referred to women as “menstruators” instead of “women”.


Grant said...

And....PM Truedope took a personal day instead of showing up and consoling the family of a recently returned soldier....but was able to make the Pride parade the same day. Our Minister of Defence did not bother to show up either. Priorities, eh? That man is a disgusting POS.

Neo Conservative said...

pierre-lite chose to fight canadian
soldiers in court over benefits, but
gave omar khadr 10 million taxpayer
dollars... that's who he is.