29 June 2019

Call it the Mt. Dennis area...

...and we can pretend it has nothing to do with that infamous cold-blooded Jane Street demographic...insert alt text hereOne shootee in wheelchair... got lit up anyway

"Cripple my ass, brah... you goin'!!!"
Toronto's 30th and 31st murder victims of the year.


UPDATE: Little Slaughter on the Jane St Strip

Your CBC... accentuating the positive...insert alt text here
CBC identifies "kind soul" Christopher Teape, 25 and Ahmed Mohamud, 32 as triple shooting murder victims.
No word as yet on the unfortunate Mr Mohamud’s temperament, or who, if anyone, was "turning their life around."


LAST WORD: The Toronto "Red" Star has it all figured out...
The problem is too many cops.