22 June 2019

Liberal dominated Senate shuts down...

...investigation of Vice Admiral Norman affair... but wait, there's more...insert alt text here

The Conservative government originally estimated the cost of the ships to be around $26 billion. The Parliamentary Budget Officer puts the latest cost estimate of the Canadian surface combatant ships at $70 billion, some $8 billion higher than its previous estimate from two years ago.

Previously the Liberal government had said only mature existing designs or designs of ships already in service with other navies would be accepted. But the requirement for a mature design was changed and the government and Irving accepted the BAE design, though at the time it existed only on the drawing board.

The two other bidders in the Canadian program had ships actually in service with other navies so their capabilities are known.

Both Irving and the federal government have insisted the procurement was conducted in a way that ensures all bidders are treated equally.
The SNC Lavalin affair is starting to look like chump change.