26 June 2019

One for the good guys

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Sources tell the Sun the officer suffered leg injuries consistent with being pinned between two vehicles. Toronto Police described the injuries as non-life-threatening. Another officer shot at the vehicle “multiple times.”

Sources say the male was shot in the chest. He was rushed to Sunnybrook via emergency run but later died. Reports suggest the driver had been under investigation by the Guns and Gangs Task Force.

UPDATE: Dead banger was target in "Gun Raids"


RELATED: Scarborough, Scarborough... that sounds so familiar...
"A 17-year-old boy has died after a shooting in Scarborough in the Danzig St. and Morningside Ave. area late Thursday night, Toronto police said."
Update... victim id'd as Jayden “Juicy J” Simpson.

Ever notice it's always the brahs with the way cool street names...
"Known to his friends as 'T-Rex'”... is pretty much a guarantee somebody is gonna light your felonious ass up.

TORONTO: No gun... no problem...
A 61-year-old man is dead after a stabbing early Thursday near the DVP and Hwy. 401.
Update... victim id'd as Johnson Reyes.


LAST WORD: In other happy, happy Hogtown news...insert alt text here
City of Toronto committee asked to approve $108M in hotel contracts for Trudeau’s “refugees.”
Don't worry, though... Justin's on it...
OTTAWA -- The Canada Border Services Agency has removed fewer than 900 “irregular” asylum-seekers who have applied for refugee protection in Canada through a loophole in asylum laws, according to new federal figures.
Out of 45,000 criminal trespassers.