29 June 2019

The Liberal Party's fight against Nazis...

...wherever they may be hiding...insert alt text here

Goodale did interview after interview where he didn’t mention the four Islamic groups but mentioned the two neo-Nazi groups who he continually refered to as “right-wing.”

Does anyone doubt that he was trying to link these despicable groups to his political opponents?

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Asked the female bicycle cop leading the raggedy ensemble whether they actually had a significant nazi problem in Kingston... she smiled, shrugged and looked away.

Half a dozen cops who wouldn't be fighting crime just babysitting these fools for hours. Easy money on a hot summer day, I guess.

LAST WORD: Uh, Ralph... you need a little help...

...with the war on terror?
The head of India’s Punjab state government alleged the Liberal cabinet harbours four “Khalistani” advocates of an independent Sikh homeland, publicly snubbed Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and gave Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a list of purported Sikh terrorists living in Canada.